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  • the bestseller of the ATG® brand
  • protective gloves with revolutionary AD-APT® technology
  • 31% reduction in sweat rate compared to standard gloves
  • Conceived and developed as a breathable glove, MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ gloves have become the benchmark for precision handling in dry environments
  • if you've ever had sweaty palms or overheated hands in a glove, then the AD-APT® technology built into the MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ gloves is the right choice for you
  • AD-APT® - the most intelligent way to keep gloved hands dry, cool, even at maximum
  • in the menu and with a sales label (SPE)
  • half-soaked
  • compatible with touch screens = TOUCH SCREEN technology
  • number in package: 12; number in carton: 144
  • palm thickness: 1 mm
  • standard: EN 388 4131A
  • color: gray
  • dipping: nitrile foam
  • material: nylon / lycra
  • sizes: 5-12; sizes 7-11 with sales label

Working Glove


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