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Modern digitally controlled inverter welding machine, constructed on the basis of IGBTs.  It is powered with single-phase 230V source power.

Easy-to-use digital control panel provides instant access to the welding machine’s functions.

TIG welding machine enables two methods of arc ignition:TIG HF (high frequency) and TIG Lift (with scratch ignition). A diagram of TIG parameters on the panel allows for full adjustment:

– gas flow time before and after welding
– up slope and down slope time.

In addition, the built-in pulse welding function (frequency 0.5 – 200Hz) enables adjustment: base amps, pulse amps, pulse frequency. Thanks to these parameters the machine is perfect for joining even very thin sheets.

Depending on the welder’s preferences TIG machine can work in 2T or 4T mode.

Tig machine will work useful during welding aluminum, thanks to the smooth balance adjustment in the range 10 – 99%.

MMA welding mode (to 200A) is assisted by functions: Arc Force and Hot Start.

 A perfect machine for production and maintenance.

Examples of use: portable repair, workshop, maintenance, constructions.


Input~1× 230V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
TIG welding current                      AC 10 - 200A / DC 10 - 170A
TIG duty cycleAC 35% / DC 40%
Gas pre flow0 - 2s
Gas post flow0 - 10s
Up slope0 - 10s
Down slope0 - 10s
TIG Pulseyes
Pulse AmpsAC 10 - 200A / DC 10 - 170A
Pulse Width5 - 95%
Pulse frequency0.5 - 200Hz
AC frequency60Hz
AC wave formssquare
AC balance10 - 99%
2T/4T Controlyes
Arc ignitionHF
Control options

control in torch UP&DOWN,

control in the handle potentiometer

MMA welding currentAC 10 - 170A / DC 10 - 170A
Arc Forceyes
Hot Startyes
No-load voltage79V
Current consumpiton


/ MMA DC 41A / MMA AC 39A

Power factor (cosφ)0.6
Efficiency η85%
Insulation classH
Protection classIP21S
Dimensions450 x 135 x 230mm
Control plug9SPA


TIG Welding Machine

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