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Package equipped:
• EasyMIG 200 
• MIG gun SPARTUS® SPE 150 3m 
• electrode holder
• work clamp
• gas hose with bands
• user’s manual

a semi-automatic welding machine made in inverter technology. Allows welding in an inert and active gas shield (MIG/MAG), coated electrode (MMA) and TIG Lift with arc ignition. 

Maximum welding current for MIG method is 200A, and for MMA and TIG Lift – 160A. The unit is powered from a single-phase network 230V.

The easy-to-use control panel allows for quick adjustment of welding parameters. EasyMIG 200 is characterized by a simple synergy in which only the wire diameter is determined for the selected gas. The machine has functions supporting the welding process:

  • 2T/4T,
  • Burn Back,
  • inductance adjustment
  • voltage compensation.

Light EasyMIG is equipped with a two-roll welding wire feeder, which ensures smooth and even feeding of the welding wire. Exemplary applications: workshop works, outside site repairs, automotive.


Technical details

Input~1× 230V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
MIG welding current40 - 200A
MIG duty cycle60%
Output working voltage16 - 24V
Wire feederbuilt-in, 2-roll gear
Wire feeding speed3 - 18m/min
Welding wire spool≤ 5kg / ∅200mm
Wire diameter0.6, 0.8, 1.0mm
2T/4T Controlyes
Additional MIG functionsBurn Back, Pre-gas, Post-gas, inductance control
TIG Liftyes
TIG welding current20 - 160A
Down slope60%
MMA welding current20 - 160A
Current consumpitonMIG 26.4A / TIG 14.4A / MMA 23.2A
Power factor (cosφ)0.93
Efficiency η85%
Insulation classF
Protection classIP21S
Dimensions400 x 195 x 270mm

Welding Machine-Light

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