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auto-darkening welding helmet
powered by solar cells and a lithium battery
darkening range between 9 and 13
adjustable shade
adjustable switching time
standard: EN 379 1/2/1, EN 175
material: polyamide
color: black
filter size: 110 x 90 x 9 mm
field of view: 96,5 x 46 mm
protective level in bright conditions: DIN 4
protective level in dark conditions: 9-13 adjustable from brighter to darker
switching time: 1/25 000 s
response time: 0,2 s from dark to original
welding sensor: 2 parts
power supply: solar cells and a lithium battery
turning on and off: fully automatic
eye protection: EN 379 1/2/1
face protection: EN 175
weight: 558 g

Welding helmet

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