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Color: Black
spec.: 1.83M(witdh)*45Meter (1 roll)

Roll Type made of silica fabric at ± 800 grams/m²
intended to withstand a temperature  of ± 550°C


  • This welding blanket is made of fiberglass at ± 800 grams/m², with on both sides a black color, neoprene coating.
  •  This welding blanket is intended to withstand a temperature of ± 550°C.
  • The welding blankets which are made of black fiber glass or gold fiber glass can be ordered also per meter
  •  When ordered per meter, the blankets will not be locked stitched and will be without grommets.
  •  The width of the blanket per meter is approx. 1,8 mtr.

Welding Blanket

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