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AD-APT® technology is activated by moving the hands and increasing the temperature in the glove. Subsequently, a natural cooling agent will be released, which will keep your hands dry and cold. It is designed to last for the entire time of use of the glove, which can also be washed.


  • protective gloves with revolutionary AD-APT® technology
  • 31% reduced sweat rate compared to standard gloves
  • Conceived and developed as a breathable glove, MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ gloves have become the benchmark for precision handling in dry environments
  • if you've ever had sweaty palms or overheated hands in a glove, then the All Day Anti Perspirant (AD-APT®) technology built into the Maxi Flex® Ultimate™ gloves is the right choice for you
  • AD-APT® – the smartest way to keep gloved hands dry, cool, even during maximum work effort
  • semi-soaked
  • also available with sales label (SPE)
  • compatible with touch screens = TOUCH SCREEN technology
  • knit : nylon / lycra
  • dipping : nitrile foam
  • standard : EN 388 4131A
  • palm thickness : 1 mm
  • size : 5-12
  • color : gray

HIGH-QUALITY protective gloves

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