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  • The half mask is equipped with two exhalation valves ensuring very low exhalation resistance
  • The exhalation valves are protected by covers that effectively protect the diaphragms against dust, mist and paint aerosol
  • Easily adjustable elastic headbands designed in the shape of a "V" loop for a firm and comfortable fit of the mask on the top of the head
  • Can be used as a filter device in combination with the SR 307 compressed air attachment, which then serves as breathing apparatus with connection for continuously supplied compressed air
  • 1x SR 5153 pre-filter holder, 1x SR 221 pre-filter, 1x cleaning wipe included


  • Material: Thermoplastic elastomer
  • norm: EN 140:1998
  • Degree of protection: TM3
  • Colour: Black
  • sizes: S, M, L

Half mask

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