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Digimatic calipers enable reliable measurements and offer the following advantages:

  • They contain an AOS (advance onsite sensor) inductive type of sensor used in the most accurate water-resistant ABS calipers.
  • Thanks to the use of an electromagnetic induction type ABS sensor, these calipers can be used without worrying about contamination or clogging on the side of the ruler during measurement. Signal detection is not affected by impurities /water, oil, etc./ on the surface of the ruler.
  • High-quality surface treatment for smooth, stable and comfortable movement of the runner.
  • Number height: 9 mm /150 and 200 mm/, 11 mm /300 mm/.
  • The ABS ruler does not require zero point adjustment after power-up and has an unlimited response speed.



Reset/ABS switching


Low battery alarm 

CLASS: Professional line

Digimatic calipers(300mm)-Mitutoyo

SKU: 50020530TRCMT
  • Range/mm Depth sounder Data output Jaw length/mm Code Demand
    0-100 round without output 40 500-180-30  
    0-100 round with output 40 500-201-30  
    0-150 round without output 40 500-184-30  
    0-150 round with output 40 500-203-30  
    0-150 flat without output 40 500-181-30  
    0-150 flat with output 40 500-161-30  
    0-200 flat without output 50 500-182-30  
    0-200 flat with output 50 500-162-30  
    0-300 flat with output 64 500-205-30  
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