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Creep capacity, colourless special fluid

  • Contents: 300 ml
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Corrosion protection period: 6 Month



Low-viscosity special oil with excellent creep properties

  • Also protects hard-to-reach areas
  • Stops corrosion from progressing


Versatile applications – Very good material compatibility on various surfaces, e.g. painted surfaces, metals and plastics.


Self-closing protective film that does not become touch-dry

  • Scratches, stone chips etc. are automatically sealed again
  • No areas for liquids to attack


Save time and money in use


Excellent salt water resistance in accordance with ASTM B117

Optimum protection, even under the toughest conditions


This information is only a recommendation based on our experience. Check material compatibility on an invisible area if necessary.



Application area

For preserving tools or machine and vehicle attachments, e.g. snow chains or roof racks. Can be used in hard-to-reach places in the engine compartment and on bodywork seams and wheel wells. Optimum protection for motorcycles and bicycles, particularly when put into storage for the winter. Ideally suited for all surfaces on parts and fittings exposed to high levels of salinity, e.g. near the coast or at sea. Boat engines and attachments are optimally preserved.


Clean and dry the surfaces to be treated. Then apply a thin coating of corrosion protection spray. For optimum protection, repeat application every 6 months.




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