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  • Filter station
  • Unit providing non-hazardous air from a connected external compressed air source
  • consists of regulator, pre-separator and main filter SR 292, all 3 parts are located in a metal box
  • The filter unit can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall
  • The pre-separator uses pressure to separate particles, water and oil
  • the main filter SR 292 consists of a carbon filter surrounded by two P3 particle filters, thanks to this system the air is cleaned of all particles / gases / vapours / odours
  • the number of outputs can be increased by means of a "Y" connection, which is available as an accessory




  • Inlet pressure: 6-10 bar
  • Outlet flow: maximum 900 l/min (3 users)
  • Filter area: P3 ≈ 2,200 cm2
  • Activated charcoal: ≈ 500 g
  • Absorption capacity ≈ 100-150 g of oil


  • Colour: Blue

Compressed air filter station

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