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KM Jacket & Pants are cleanroom apparel for class 1000. Comparing
typical cleanroom coverall, this type of apparel has more opening for
comfort and working efficiency. KM Jacket & Pants are classified by
collar designs, C or Y collar. It is available to buy jacket or pants
separately. Optional badge or pen holder, sublimation logo-printing is
􀂠 Open design for wearers comfort and working efficiency
􀂠 Double layers jacket for extra protection
􀂠 Elastic band closure on wrist and ankle
􀂠 Zip-lock cover sleeve and Velcro tape fastening
􀂠 Optional badge or pen holder, logo printing by sublimation
􀂠 Applications: Apparel for cleanroom of class 1000

Cleanroom Jacket & Pants SkyBlue_KM

Color: Sky Blue
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