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Product description

Pallet truck with quick lift function and rubberized ergonomic handles. Thanks to the steering wheel angle of 220 °, this pallet truck is very easy to maneuver.

This universal pallet truck simplifies the handling of heavy loads and goods with a quick lift. The quick lift function lifts the fork above floor level for the first shot, and lifts the entire pallet for the second shot. The mechanism automatically switches to standard lifting mode if the weight of the load is more than 150 kg. The 220 ° wheel angle makes it easier for you to operate the truck. The front wheels make it easier to reach under the pallets and exit. The pallet truck is CE certified.

The pallet truck is available with single or double wheels, so you can choose the model that best suits your requirements. Simple wheels are suitable for carrying lighter loads on flat floors and for handling the pallet from longer sides. Tandem wheels are suitable for transporting heavy loads even on uneven floors or ramps, over thresholds, etc. They distribute the load over a larger area than single castors, reducing floor wear and increasing the stability of the truck.

The nylon wheels are easy to move and are especially suitable for transporting heavy loads on hard and flat floors. Polyurethane castors are soft and quiet, reducing wheel and floor wear. They are especially suitable for uneven floors, they can easily handle gravel and other impurities. They are also a good choice for use on trucks. The rubber castors are extremely soft and quiet and have the same properties as polyurethane castors.


Technical parameters

  • Lift height :85-200  mm
  • Fork length :1150  mm
  • Fork width :160  mm
  • Width across forks :540  mm
  • Color :Gray 
  • Color code :RAL 7024 
  • Material :Steel 
  • Load capacity :2000  kg
  • Steering wheels :Rubber 
  • Wheels in the fork :Tandem polyurethane 
  • Quick lift :Yes 
  • Weight :70  kg
  • Assembly :Assembled 
  • Quality & eco-label :CE 

BOOST pallet truck with fast lift SKU: INDAJP 31742

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