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A versatile work light

  • Extremely bright: 10 LEDs with two levels of brightness ensuring perfect lighting
  • Flexible and quick installation at the workplace thanks to a strong magnet, carabiner and hook
  • Adjustable angle up to 200°


Part of this variant

  • Cardboard box



Important product information

The GLI 12V-330 Professional is a versatile Bosch work light with an output of 330 lumens in the 12 V category. It is equipped with 10 extremely bright LEDs with two levels of brightness for perfect lighting. It also has a strong magnet, a carabiner, a hook and allows angle adjustment in the range of up to 200° for flexible and quick adjustment in any environment. This work light is excellent for lighting small spaces and is equipped with a 1/4'' tripod thread.

Equipment and use

It is compatible with all Bosch Professional 12 V batteries (Professional 12V system).


  • Additional data

    Battery voltage 12 V
    Luminous flux* 330 lm
    Weight without battery* 0.3 kg
    Max. 12 V operating time 180 min/Ah
    Number of brightness levels 2
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