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Quick-drying, easily and immediately usable wet alcohol wipes for quick disinfection of medical items and other alcohol-resistant surfaces.


Product description

Incidin wipes for disinfection do not leave stains and have a pleasant smell.

The use

It is used in healthcare, dental and veterinary practice, municipal hygiene, food industry. The preparation is suitable for small work areas, shiny and hard-to-reach places, surfaces of devices, centrifuges, dental end-pieces, procedure chairs, beds, toilet seats, etc., with the exception of acrylic glass and materials damaged by alcohol. Do not use on plexiglass and lacquered wood.


Take the towel out of the box and rub the surfaces thoroughly. Close the container after each use. Dry towels are ineffective.

Spectrum of effectiveness

Bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virus-inactivating (HBV, HCV, HIV, Adeno, Papova, Rota)

Packaging : 90 sheet  ,  6 pack/carton

Alcohol Wipe

SKU: 3094080ELBCLR
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